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  • Can you explain your design process?
    It starts with scheduling a complimentary 20 minute design call. You will then receive a Design Questionnaire via email- this is to be completed before we chat. We will discuss everything from the scope of your project and budget to your personal style and what you want your space to feel like. If we feel like our personalities are a good fit, we will then schedule an on-site consultation to dive deeper into your project- the designer will take basic measurements and pictures, to provide a quote for your specific design/decorating needs. Once the quote is approved and a contract is signed, the design process starts. Within 2-3 weeks SD will provide a design plan (what you receive will depend on the project itself, which could include 3D renderings). Most projects receive a Design Board with shoppable links and a floorplan for layout. The client will have the opportunity to request up to two edits to proposed furnishings and finishes. Once items are approved and received or installed, the accessorizing phase begins (if the client is interested in this service). We will discuss your decor budget and SD will source items that really bring a sense of the client's personality and interests to the space. This is a crucial step, as this is the final layer and what pulls the design together. Lastly- the client will have a space that is functional, beautiful and curated just for you and your specific needs and style.
  • How long will my project take?
    This depends on the scope of the project. On average a furnishing and or decorating project can take 4-12 months. While a renovation/remodel can take longer depending on the scope of the project and availability of items.
  • Do you work with items the client already has?
    Absolutely! I love incorporating existing pieces and decor. However, if the piece doesn’t mesh with the overall design, if budget allows, I will recommend another option.
  • Is the process expensive?
    Imagine the process of filling an entire room with quality furnishing and accessories. Putting a complete room together consists of a lot of layers and moving parts. Now imagine someone doing that for you! This is an investment . While we must account for our time and business practices, we end up saving you money in the long run, by avoiding poor buying, overspending on the wrong selections and just making too many misguided mistakes. The cohesive process, including design time, should always save you money in the long run!
  • How do I select the perfect paint color?
    Believe it or not, your paint color should be the last thing you chose! It’s much easier to coordinate paint colors to a rug or countertop than the opposite. I am a huge fan of peel and stick paint swatches, but swatches aren’t always accurate in color. A favorite trick of mine is to purchase small sample jars (no more than 3 colors of a shade). Apply these separately to foam board and hang them on the walls, moving it around throughout the day to see how lighting affects the color.

Are you ready to begin?

Head over to the contact page to fill out my questionnaire and we will get started!

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